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Remote Working


Removing Barriers to Therapy

Here at WellNest Counseling, we believe proper mental health support should be available to anyone, anywhere, for every situation life brings. Adulting makes life busy and sometimes the drive time alone to therapy can be a barrier. Sometimes, it’s that it seems too daunting to come into the office. Sometimes, it’s that you’re tied up at work and can’t leave. Whatever the reason is we want to make therapy accessible to you. For this reason, we offer telehealth services. We see teens and adults for many reasons over telehealth:



Depression can leave you feeling sad, unmotivated, and tired. For people with depression, simply getting out of bed, let alone getting in the car and driving somewhere, is challenging. Some of the symptoms of depression include lack of motivation, tiredness, lack of interest in things that used to be interesting, tearfulness, feeling emptiness, hopelessness, irritability, frustration, sleep disturbances, anger, and worthlessness. We offer telehealth services to help alleviate the symptoms of depression, bringing wellness back to your nest.



Anxiety can produce crippling fear in some people. People who suffer from anxiety often feel shaking, out of breath, antsiness, trembling, sweating, increased heartbeat, difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, and restlessness. Anxiety is often a problem of perception. At WellNest we use a variety of approaches to help you cope with anxiety including CBT, meditation, mindfulness, and more.


Life Changes

All people experience changes throughout their life. Most of the time you can handle those changes. However, occasionally, life throws you something that feels too big, too scary, and too overwhelming to deal with on your own. WellNest is experienced in working with people who are experiencing a life transition or change.


Parenting Concerns

Parenting is the hardest job we can take on as humans. As a parent, you are responsible for a whole other human being, their safety, and how they turn out. Teaching your children values, managing your own expectations, and ensuring your child’s safety can feel like too much sometimes. WellNest offers an in-person parenting support group and individual parenting classes. However, if you can’t make it in person because life just gets too busy, we also offer online parent support.


Perinatal Therapy

Bringing a new life into the world is exciting and also scary. There are so many unknown and new situations. In the perinatal stage, parents often suffer from increased anxiety and depression. Some signs and symptoms include experiencing frequent crying or weepiness, disrupted sleep (not because of urination), extremely low energy, low appetite, loss of enjoyment in activities you used to love, trouble concentrating, excessive worry, or increased unwanted and troubling thoughts. As you begin your journey of becoming a parent, WellNest is passionate about helping you start your best. We offer talk therapy, parent coaching, sleep coaching, and more to help you feel more prepared.

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