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Our Values

WellNest Counseling is built upon a foundation of dedication, honesty, respect, and simplicity. Our core values and supporting principles guide our clinical care as we strive to make a positive impact on our community. 

Our Core Values: 

Family - All the therapists at WellNest value family above all else. We aim to help you create family bonds that will last to the best of our ability.

Dedication - We are committed to the principles, values, and development of the therapeutic process. 


Honesty -  We strive to tell the truth even when its difficult, with empathy and sincerity. 

Respect - Every person has their story. We work with you to meet your goals in a way that honors your beliefs and values. 

Simplicity - Life is complicated and hard enough. Although therapy can be challenging work for both the therapist and client, we strive to seek the most simply answers. We also attempting to make access to therapy as simple as possible. 

Our Supporting Principles:

  • Life Long Learners - We continue learning and collaborate with professionals to achieve our goals. We aim to provide excellent service through maintaining the most up-to-date and current trainings.  

  • WellNest is a family - Since we are in the business of family, we act as one. We care for and respect each other and foster a safe and positive work environment. When our clinicians feel safe and respected, they are at their best to provide best services. 

  • We abide by the golden rule - We treat other the way we want to be treated.

  • We aim to spread kindness - We believe that kindness spreads faster than negativity. Therefore we conduct ourself with kindness always.

  • We believe in using our therapy skills for the benefit of our community  - We take our jobs seriously and know the potential impact we have on our community. We keep ourselves well informed in best practices  and up-to-date with current techniques. 

  • We trust our clinicians and clients - Trust is the concrete belief in the ability, truth, and strength, of someone else. We trust our clinicians ability to guide clients and our clients capacity to heal where and when they need. 

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