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Play Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

You love your kiddo. They have many positive qualities that make you feel proud! Maybe they play well with others, are thoughtful, or thriving at school. But then sometimes you are left feeling surprised and confused by your child's seemingly random outbursts and tantrums. You find yourself wondering, "What the heck?! How can you be so mature, thoughtful, and considerate yet still throw knock-down tantrums?"  Maybe you're even wondering if your parenting style is contributing to your child's behavior. Dr. Google doesn't seem to be giving you the answers you seek, nor are the 12 parenting books sitting on your bedside table right now. Your child has big emotions and your aren't sure how to help. 

That’s where WellNest Counseling comes in! You are the expert in your child and family, and we are the experts in child development and parenting. WellNest Counseling can help if your child is experiencing: 

  • behavior changes

  • irritability

  • signs of anxiety

  • nervousness

  • social anxiety

  • anger

  • aggressive outbursts

  • tantrums

  • sadness

  • depression

  • difficulty in school

  • symptoms of ADHD

  • difficulty at home 

What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a modality of therapy that is designed for children ages 2-8. Most children are not developmentally capable of expressing themselves verbally. We use specific toys to create an environment that is safe and warm where kids can express their emotions. In this way counselors can relate more closely with their child clients and understand the child's world through their perspective. Commonly, children use play therapy to process issues that have been distressing, play out future possibilities they worry about, or express big emotions they don't have words for. Your skilled play therapist interprets and reflects the play back to the child in order to develop emotional vocabulary and help cope with the issues.

How is Play Therapy Helpful?

As play therapists, we believe that play is a child's language. It is how they understand and process the events of their life. Next time your kiddo is playing, spend some time observing them. You might see them play out a familiar scene from earlier in the day. Maybe an event that happened on the playground or a change they are going through. 

Since play is a child's language, the toys are their words. As a trained play therapist, we have specific and intentional toys we use to help children process and cope with their deepest concerns in a safe and warm environment. Play therapy offers a safe and developmentally appropriate way for your child to address their concerns. 

What does a Play Therapy Session Look Like?

Your child's fist session starts by introducing the room and explaining that there are many toys to play with in many different ways. After a therapeutic relationship is established, children will often begin to play out their concerns and themes in their play emerge. As play therapy continues your therapist may become more directive in order to reach therapeutic goals. Play therapy offers your child the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe environment. These skills might include new, more adaptive behavior, different social skills, or different ways to express emotions. Once the child feels they have mastered a new skill, parents will start to see it in different environments like home or school. In addition, you will receive parenting support along side your child’s individual care. Together, we will work to bring happiness and peace back into your home life.

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