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Intentional Parent Program


Family Time

Parenting is hard. Arguably the hardest and most important job in the world. Yet, no one really prepares for it. As adults we prepare for everything else. We go to college, spend at least 4 years learning in our chosen field and after getting a job in that field, you probably did more training before any one trusted you to make decisions on your own. With parenting, you have a baby and then the hospital sends you home with this little life that you are supposed to keep alive and no manual. 

Well, we don't have a manual either. We do have some guidelines, processes, and techniques that might work for you. In our 12-week course, you will take a deep dive into parenting. You will explore the "why" behind your parenting choices, discover best practices based on some of the greatest gurus in parenting, and learn more about child development. By then end of our 12-week program, we want you to walk away feeling confident that you can handle any parenting situations that gets thrown your way. 

Our program consists of the following topics: 

Week 1 - Introductions

Week 2 - Setting your Intentions as a Parent

Week 3 - Parenting Styles and Foundations

Week 4 - Attachment Science

Week 5 - Nervous System Science

Week 6 - Mindsight, The Art of Seeing 

Week 7 - The Science behind Soothing

Week 8 - Intentional Conversations

Week 9 - The Peace Process

Week 10 - Setting Limits Intentionally

Week 11 - The Power of Play

Weel 12 - Reflections 

We are excited to work with you, building off your strengths, and helping you to reach your parenting goals. We can't wait to help bring some wellness back to you nest! 

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