Adolescent Counseling

Moving through the wonder years

Whew! Teens can be so tough. They are like that sour patch candy. One minute they are sour and the next they are sweet! You find yourself wondering what happened to you sweet and loving kiddo. You may even start feeling frustrated, sad, and irritated leaving you, the parent, unsure of how to help your teen through these turbulent but exciting years.

Maybe your teen has been feeling down, staying in their room more frequently, glued to their phone, refusing to engage with the family, experiencing anger outbursts, or just seems sad. We are here to help at WellNest Counseling! We meet your teens individual needs by providing a host of different ways to reach your teen. Whether they like art, games, or talking, we've got your teen covered. You will receive parenting support along side your teens therapeutic journey. You know your teen best, we just know a lot about teen development. Together we will help your teen learn to manage emotions and get them ready for the next stages of life.