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Teen Counseling

Moving through the wonder years

Whew! Teens can be so tough. Their brain, after all, is changing as rapidly a child’s brain does those first 3 years of life. They are like that sour patch candy. One minute they are sour and the next they are sweet! You find yourself wondering what happened to your sweet and loving kiddo. You may even start feeling frustrated, sad, and irritated, leaving you, the parent, unsure of how to help your teen through these turbulent but exciting years.


Maybe your teen has been feeling down, staying in their room more frequently, glued to their phone, refusing to engage with the family, experiencing anger outbursts, or just seems sad. If you feel your teen has made a big behavior shift recently, it might be time to seek therapeutic services. We are here to help at WellNest Counseling! Teens can experience a plethora of different stressors including:

·       General anxiety

·       Social anxiety

·      Depression

·       Teen angst

·       Anger management

·       ADHD symptoms

·       Environmental adjustment stressors (new home, new school…)

·      Changing social groups

·       Bullying

·       Experimenting with drugs or alcohol

·      Risky behavior

·       Peer pressure

·       Academic problems

·       Social media stress

·      Identity

With today's technology, it’s actually quite hard to be a teen and navigate all the new social pressures that we didn’t have growing up. At WellNest Counseling we provide a safe, warm, and welcoming environment in which your teen will be able to explore their deepest concerns.


Our Approach

We meet your teen's individual needs by providing a host of different ways to reach your teen. Whether they like art, games, or talking, we've got your teen covered. We use activity and talk therapy to meet the goals your teen and you set for therapy. Each activity is intentionally selected with a specific purpose. We believe therapy is most successful for teens when we are working with the whole family. Your therapist might suggest a few family sessions to get to know you and your teen's dynamics. You will also receive parenting support alongside your teen's therapeutic journey. You know your teen best; we just know a lot about teen development. Together we will help your teen learn to manage emotions and get them ready for the next stages of life.


What a session looks like

Upon arrival, you may wait in the waiting room until your therapist comes to meet you. After your therapists greets you, your kiddo and therapist will make their way to a therapy room where sessions last 45-55 minutes. During a session your teen will be engaging in talk activity therapy in order to meet therapeutic goals. Teens often have their own ideas about what goals they want to meet. Part of our process at WellNest is working together with families to makes sure everyone’s goals align. Parents will also receive parenting support in the form of parent consultations about once a month. During this time parents will gain insight to their teens behavior, learn tips and tricks to help parent your teen, and address any concerns or changes that parents have.

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