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Tips for having a Safe and Fun Spring Break

Spring break is around the corner, and at this point you probably already have your bags packed for your exciting plans! This time of year is so exhilarating because the weather is changing, and thanks to more vitamin D, you are finally starting to come out of that winter slump you’ve been in for what seems like forever. We wanted to take the time to write down a few safety tips to keep you in that spring and summer high as you travel with friends and family. So before you jump in the car or get on that plane (or if you’re already in the car or on the plane), read WellNest Counseling’s safety tips for spring break! 

Plan ahead

It’s a good idea to create an itinerary and share it with someone you know and trust. Make sure they know where, and how long, you will be on vacation. 

Emergency contacts

Program essential contact information in your phone in an easily accessible spot. You might consider putting in local emergency information as well. It can be invaluable to have this information handy in a time of crisis. 

Have clear expectations for yourself

Spring break can lend itself to peer pressure and doing activities that you normally would not do. So before going on spring break, think about what your boundaries are and set expectations for yourself. These decisions might be a good idea to discuss with your parents. That way everyone is on the same page, and your parents will feel a bit more at ease as well. 

Create backup plans

You’ll want to create a plan for what to do if you need to hold a boundary or expectation. For example, a boundary might be not getting in the car with someone who has been drinking. In this case, decide what you will do next. Are you in an area where you can call an Uber? Is your vacation spot walkable? Do you have a friend that you can buddy up with to make sure you aren’t walking alone? Think about your backup plans in case you need to escape. 

Trust your instincts

If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, that’s usually your internal alarm bells going off to tell you something isn’t right. When you're on vacation, it is not the time to take unsafe risks, especially if you are in a new area. Listen to your body and trust your instincts. It’s always okay to say no. 

Keep your senses up

In the same vein, limit your engagement in activities that will decrease your instincts or judgment. If you choose to drink, make sure you are of age in that country and that you and your parents have a conversation about it beforehand. Keep yourself safe by never leaving your drink unattended and never accepting drinks from strangers. 

Secure your belongings

Keep your important documents safe by using the hotel safe or investing in a traveler's bag you can wear under your clothes. Make sure to keep your wallet, ID, cash, and credit cards secure and difficult to steal when walking around. 

Spring break is about creating positive memories, so keep these tips in mind while traveling and stay safe! Enjoy yourself and have fun, but make sure you balance it with smart decisions.

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